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Kathy W. In Napa

Simply put, Joe is incredible. He is infinitely knowledgeable, highly strategic and complements these attributes with perfect execution of his strategy. My husband and I are return clients of Joe’s and most recently worked with him as sellers. Throughout the process, Joe provided spot-on advice, created well laid plans and was always one step ahead in attracting and working with potential buyers. The strategy Joe developed for the sale of our home was effective and had an outcome that exceeded our expectations. In addition, Joe is an amazing communicator, attentive to detail and always has a positive, solutions-oriented mindset in every situation. Neither the purchase (that we also worked with Joe on) or sale of our home was without surprises and Joe barely blinked managing and taking action when anything came up. Somehow the stress of purchasing/selling a home later seems like an adventure with a few laughs along the way when working with Joe. Needless to say, my husband and I highly recommend working with Joe for either the purchase or sale of a home. It has been our pleasure having the opportunity to work with Joe and witness all of his talent in action!

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