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Susanne D. in Saint Helena

We have worked with Joe over the last 10 years buying and selling several homes. Early on we recognized Joe’s great expert knowledge, integrity, kindness, patience, and professionalism–a rare combination in anyone and something you wouldn’t dare to hope for in your real estate agent, so we always felt very fortunate to be working with him. Our most recent experience selling a high-end Napa Valley estate with large acreage, which had been our family compound for nearly 30 years, gave us an even greater insight into Joe’s character and negotiation skills as he represented both the buyers and us. Not once during the complex negotiations that took place over the course of two months did Joe ever lose his professionalism, focus on the facts, fairness, kindness, sensitivity, and deep understanding of the human psyche, nor his sense of humor. And not once did we lose our trust in Joe’s ability to negotiate the deal with everyone’s best interest at heart, and it is clear to us that his exceptional negotiation skills brought this deal home. Joe is an outstanding agent and negotiator, and a truly exceptional human being. The industry is fortunate to have individuals like him representing it. Thank you for everything, Joe, once again.

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